Megger Tech Support

Megger Tech Support

We offer Technical Support for most AVO, Biddle Instruments, and Megger products. If you need assistance or user information please fill out the form below with exactly the needs you have. Please do not call for this will prolong the assistance process. Technical support is not provided via phone. Our technicians will need the manufacturer on the instrument, the model number on the case, and a detailed summary of your problem or need. Thank you, Parthinian Company Team!

megger 220015 dielectric test set

Megger tech support for most AVO Biddle Megger Test Instruments. We provide Megger repair & Megger calibration service for All current & discontinued Megger meters.

Megger Repair and Megger Calibration service for All Biddle Megger Test Instruments.

Megger Repair and Megger Calibration service for All Biddle Megger Test Instruments.



BM400 Series




BM2000 Series

BM2500 Series






Megger DET10C

Megger DET20C

Megger DET3TA

Megger DET5/4R

Megger DET5/4D

Megger DET4TD

Megger DET4TCR


Megger DET4TC


218651 Analog/Digital 5 kV Megger; 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 V; 1 TOhms

218621 Analog/Digital 5 kV Megger; 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 V; 5 TOhms

BM25 Analog/Digital 5 kV Megger; 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 V; 5 TOhms

212160 (Hand-Crank Analog Major Megger Insulation Tester; 50, 100, 250 & 500 V; 1 GOhm)

MHP1 3 kV AC Production Hipot; 10.0 mA

MHP2 3 kV AC/4 kV DC Production Hipot; 10.0 mA

DCM24R True RMS Clampmeter; 200 A

DCM104R True RMS Clampmeter; 1000 A

DCM204R True RMS Clampmeter; 2000 A

DCM2031 Current Clampmeter; 400 A

DCM2033 Current Clampmeter; 600 A

DCM2039 Current Clampmeter; 1000 A

FC200 FlexiClamp Multi-Wire Current Clamp

DCM1000P Digital Clamp-On Power Meter

DCM2000P Digital Clamp-On Power Meter/Data logger

655531 Coaxial TDR; 11 Ranges (0-10 ft. to 0-10,000 ft.)

655800F CFL800E Hand-Held Cable Fault Locating and Verification Tester

659300D Cable Height Meter; 50 ft.; 150 ft. horizontal with 659300DT

TTR100 Hand-Held Single-Phase TTR

550027 Line Operated Single Phase TTR

OTS60PB Automatic 60 kV Oil Test Set

350456 Eddy-Current Tachometer; 0-200, 0-2000, 0-20,000 RPM

350457 Eddy-Current Tachometer; 0-500, 0-5000, 0-50,000 RPM

359911 Chronometric Tachometer; 0-100 RPM

359915 Chronometric Tachometer; 0-1000 RPM

359920 Chronometric Tachometer; )-10,000 RPM

359985 Contact Tachometer; 10-1000, 100-1000, 1000-20,000 RPM

359986 Photo Tachometer; 10-1000, 100-1000, 1000-20,000 RPM

359987 Photo/Contact Tachometer; 10-1000, 100-1000, 1000-20,000 RPM

LT7 AC Loop Impedance Tester

CM500 Installation Tester

MLS635 High Intensity Light Source; 635nm

MLS1000 Multimode Light Source; 635 & 1300nm

MLS2000 Single Mode Stabilized Light Source; 1310 & 1550nm

MPM1000 Miltimode Power Meter; 850, 1300 & 1550nm Germanium Detector

MPM2000 Single Mode Power Meter; 1310 & 1550 Germanium Detector

MPM2000H High Powered Single Mode Power Meter; 1310 & 1550 Germanium Detector

276431 Voltcorder Miniature Voltage Trend Recorder

INTERR-10T1 T1/HDSL Span Verifier and Tester

INTERR-20T1 Enhanced T1/HDSL Span Verifier and Tester

INTERR-20E1 Enhanced E1/HDSL Span Verifier and Tester

246005B MBITE

BVA70 Voice Network Analyzer

CWT150 Transmission Impairment/CIDCW Tester

XC-850SST LAN OTDR – 850nm; Simplex; Transmissive Display

XC-850SSR LAN OTDR – 850nm; Simplex; Reflective Display

XC-850DST LAN OTDR – 850nm; Duplex; Transmissive Display

XC-850DSR LAN OTDR – 850nm; Duplex; Reflective Display

XC-8513DSR LAN OTDR – 850 & 1300nm; Duplex; Transmissive Display

XC-8513DST LAN OTDR – 850 & 1300nm; Duplex; Reflective Display

210800-3 Analog Hand-Held Megger Insulation Tester; 500 V

210801-3 Analog Hand-Held Megger Insulation Tester; 500 V


C / DC Test Equipment

1 Kv Insulation And Continuity Testers

10 Kv Insulation Testers

5 Kv Insulation Testers

AC And AC/DC Hi-Pot Testers

Battery Testers

Battery Testing Equipment

Cable Height Meters

Cable Locators And Route Tracers

Cable Testing And Fault Locating Equipment

Circuit Breaker Test Equipment

DC Test Sets

Ground Resistance Testers

Hipot High Potential Tester

Insulation Resistance Testers

Leak And Corona Detectors

Low Resistance Ohmmeters


Motor And Generator Tester

Multifunction Copper Tester

Multimeters And Clampmeters

Overhead Line Testing Equipment

Portable Appliance Testers

Power Factor(C And DF) Test Equipment

Power Quality Meters

Power Quality Testers

Protection Testing

Software For Asset Management In Utilities

Structured Cable (LAN) Testers

Time Domain Reflectometers

Transformer Test Equipment

Transformer Testers

Vacuum Interrupter Testers

Voltage Detectors

Watthour Test Equipment


The older Megger meters and discontinued Biddle Megger Meters are available for Biddle Megger repair service and Biddle Megger calibration services for Megger Test Instruments such as Megger BM25, Megger BM11, Megger BM11D, Megger BM21, Megger Meg10-01, Megger 218650, Megger DET3/2, Megger DET5/4D, Megger DET5/4R, Megger DET62D, Megger LT300 series, Megger LT3, Megger LT7, Megger LT5, Megger LT310, Megger LT320, Megger LT330, Megger M7027, Megger PAT32, Megger SCT fiber optic tester, Megger 218621, Megger 218651, Megger BMM80, Megger OTS60PB, Biddle 72-6349, Biddle 72-6340, Biddle 72-6346-1, Biddle 71-631, Biddle 71-650, Biddle 72-4330-6, Megger 246052 Hydrometer, Megger 250202 ground tester, Megger 247000-47 DLRO, Megger 247000-NIST, Megger 247001-11, Megger 359986 Tachometer, Megger 655603, Megger BM50, Megger BM21, Megger BM122, Megger BM121, Megger BM221, Megger BM222, Megger BM223, Megger BM400, Megger BM412, Megger BM432, Megger BM802, Megger BM812, Megger BMM2000, Megger BMM200010, Megger BMM2080, Megger BMM2500, Megger BMM503, Megger BMM80, Megger BT51240, Megger BVA70, Megger CFL800E, Megger CWT150, Megger CXT100, Megger DET10C, Megger DET20C, Megger 250260, Megger Delta, Megger DCM100P, Megger DCM104R, Megger DCM2033, Megger DCM2039, Megger DCM204R, Megger DET32, Megger DET3TA, Megger DET4TC, Megger DET4TCR, Megger DET4TD, Megger Meg1001, Megger MPM2000H, Megger MS2, Megger LWT315, Megger LWT325, Megger LWT335, Megger LWT425, Megger MIT410TC, Megger MIT430TC, Megger LCR121, Megger MLS1000, Megger MLS635, Megger MIT520 and all other AVO Biddle Megger obsolete and discontinued Megger Instrument Meter Testers. We provide Megger repair for ALL current and discontinued Megger Meters for some categories such as: Megger insulation testers, Megger 5 kV insulation testers, Major Megger Insulation Testers, Megger DC Dielectric Test Sets such as Megger 220005, Megger 220015, Megger MIT30, Megger Megohmmeters such as Megger 210400, Megger 210415, Megger ground testers such as: Megger DET series, Megger DET14C, Megger DET24C, Megger DET3TD, Megger DET3TC, Megger DET4TD2, Megger DET4TR2, Megger DET4TC2, Megger DET4TCR2, Megger 250202 high sensitivity digital ground tester, Megger AC High Pot Testers, Megger AC/DC High Pot Testers, Megger Voltage Detectors, Megger phase detectors, Megger voltage/phasing detectors, Megger Multimeters, Megger clampmeters, Megger tachometers, Megger test leads, Megger cable height meters, Megger TDR, Megger Time Domain Reflectometers, Megger SCT, Megger Structured wiring testers, megger Telecom tester, Megger TTR, Megger Transformer Turns Ratio Testers, Megger 550005B, Megger TTR500, Megger TTR900, Megger DLRO, Megger Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters, Megger Ohmmeters, Megger MOM2, Megger DLRO ohmmeter, Megger 3 Phase Sequence Testers, Megger sequence tester, Megger Thickness Gauge, Megger Ultrasonic Leak Detector, Megger Corona Detector, Megger AC Loop Tester, Megger Battery Test Equipment, Megger BITE, Megger BITE2, Megger BITE3, Megger BITE2P, Megger 246004, Megger 246002B, Megger Structure Cable Testers such as, Megger SCT1500, Megger SCT2000, Megger SCT-MMA, Megger SCT-SMA, Megger SCT+ MMA+SMA, Megger SCT+MMA, Megger SCT+SMA, Megger TechMate HT1000-A, Megger HT1000-C, Megger HT1000-CH, Megger HT, Megger Wattmeter plus much, much more. Contact us today for a confidential quote.

Megger repair services:

If you are looking for James G. Biddle megger's, Biddle Tester, AVO Biddle Instruments, Biddle Instrument, AVO Biddle Megger instruments.........They are all now under one roof. AVO Int'l, James G Biddle, and Megger are all now Megger Group Limited! We repair and calibrate all of these products and we also offer repair services for the handheld megohmmeters up to the largest Megger cable fault testers. Our customers span from single electricians to powerhouses such as FPL, PG&E, Duke Energy, Edison Electric, Excel Energy, Armed Forces, and various branches of the government. Contact us for your next repair, calibration or new Megger meter!